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I’ve always been inspired by Matt’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist. His experience with various styles translates perfectly to a studio setting. As a producer, he’s flexible, honest and interested throughout every step of the recording process. I’d recommend Matt to anyone looking for a hands-on producer/engineer that quickly becomes an extension of your band. — Dan Zimmerman (Birthday Boy)

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Matt took an album I was happy to be a part of and turned it into one I’m proud to listen to and call my own. He is endlessly patient and shows great care for detail. To top it off, he’s an awesome dude and super easy to work with. I can’t say enough nice things or recommend him any more highly.
— Danny Katz (Dullest Records)

You’ve spent all that time in the studio making sure you put your best takes on the track, but the song doesn’t become the record until it’s mixed. This is when the important parts become important, the big hits become big, and the subtle touches become subtle. It’s when your hard-earned tracks are brought to their potential. A finished mix is when you’ll step back and proclaim that your song is finally how you’d envisioned it, or maybe even better.

protoolsscreengrabJust get me your audio and I’ll get to work.

When mixing your song, this is what you can expect from me:

  • I’ll find the artistic intent of your music and craft the mix to realize it.
  • I’ll use careful equalization and compression to carve a proper space in the stereo field for each part.
  • I’ll make careful use of editing and tuning techniques as needed to bring the recording to its potential.



Of course, while I may be pouring my heart into the mix, this is your song, your art, and your feedback is very important if the mix is to realize your vision. This is why we’ll go through up to two rounds of mix notes together as a part of the mixing package on your song. If you’re local, we’ll meet up and address the notes. If working remotely, we’ll correspond over phone and email so I can get your feedback.

In essence, this means you get up to three mixes — my initial mix, and two revised mixes based on your feedback. This way, we will be able to quickly and effectively establish your vision of the completed record.

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With several members of Sovereign having worked with Matt on past projects, bringing our newest tracks to him was a no-brainer. Not only was Matt super easy-going and a lot of fun to work with, but there was never any doubt that our tracks would sound exactly as we wanted them. His knowledge of our musical style and his obvious experience behind the board, paired with his undying patience and desire to make the best possible product, cemented Matt as our go-to guy for future records. — Trevor Machinia (Sovereign)

I am not accepting clients for recording at this time. Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns.

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